The Chrysler 300C Has Convenient Steering Wheel

Driving is easier when a steering wheel is equipped with practical solutions that simplify general routines. When the Chrysler 300C was designed, the engineers carefully considered a typical driver's needs on the road. Thanks to their hard work, the 300C has a smart steering system that gives motorists key advantages.

The steering wheel has a great grip because it's wrapped in leather. All of the smart features are found near the center of the wheel. This strategic layout gives a driver easy access to important buttons while driving. There is a button for speed settings on the steering wheel panel, and controls for audio are available on the housing as well.

In order to experience how smart steering enhances driving routines, you'll need to test drive a Chrysler 300C. In Estevan, convenient test drive opportunities are available at Power Dodge Ltd. We proudly serve people in a variety of neighborhoods, suburbs, and business districts.



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