The Popular Jeep Compass Has Exciting Exterior Features

The Jeep Compass available at Power Dodge Ltd. is a popular crossover vehicle. The Jeep Compass is a great vehicle for driving around town, and it also makes a great recreational vehicle for drives out in the country. The Jeep Compass has a striking exterior design.

One of the striking exterior features of the Jeep Compass is the vehicle's lights. The daytime running lights are LED strips that provide a distinctive look. The Jeep Compass has projector headlamps that come on automatically when it gets dark outside. Fog lamps are included to provide extra illumination at times of reduced visibility.

The side mirrors are also a part of the Jeep Compass' distinctive design. The mirrors have chrome accents, and they share the same colour as the rest of the vehicle. When the turn signals are illuminated, the signal appears in the side mirrors allowing other drivers to clearly see which way you are intending to turn.



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