Choose the Appearance of Your Dodge Durango

There are many varieties of vehicles, and some vehicles have multiple packages from which you can choose. This factor depends on your exterior needs. At Power Dodge Ltd., we have different appearance packages for the Dodge Durango, which is a popular mid-size SUV, that will satisfy your needs.

With the Dodge Durango Blacktop package, your Durango will have a fresh exterior that is covered with black in special areas. The vehicle's mirrors have a glossy black paint job, and the vehicle badges are black. This package comes with Blacktop wheels that are coated with high-gloss black paint.

With the Dodge Durango Brass Monkey package, your Durango will have a dark exterior with Brass Monkey Bronze rims. The vehicle emblems have a gloss black paint job to make your vehicle stand out. Come visit our team at Power Dodge Ltd. to find a Dodge Durango and take it for a test drive.


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